A Room Of One’s Own

Alternative Press’s AROOO is travelling live art participatory installation and sculpture. Inspired by Virginia Woolf and her A Room Of One’s Own, it was transformed into a bedsit and occupied the rooftop of 47/49 Tanner Street for 28 days. With statistic, slogan, and drawings championing the need for equality adorning its walls, AROOO served as a stark warning of the true effect of the housing bubble.

Its 28 day residency coincided with both the General Election and Takeover 2015 – a day where activists, artists, bookshops and publishers came together to celebrate all radical publishing, and where housing campaign groups were invited to speak at Alternative Press’ Speakers’ Corner.

AROOO essentially is a vehicle for collecting thoughts and markings of marginalised communities and people. With each new location, the sculpture highlights/champions a different theme in the Virginia Woolf essay – whether that be gender equality, housing security, or mental wellbeing.